Swedish-born Mille Monferin, utter his passions and innovation to denim since he got involved in his father’s 2 jeans stores in Sweden.
After 3 decades working with totally 23 brands, residing in Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Italy and Belgium, he currently lives in Sweden with his consulting business. Mille has a 360 degree direct exposure of all activities in the denim business, with the strength in brand building, product strategies and marketing actions.

The latest brands he has been working with are Stella McCartney, Denham, 7ForAllMankind, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.
His first experience directly in the production field for 5 years in Florence, Italy spurred him onto pursue his career in denim industry,
which led him to be in charge of LEVI’S 501, Red Tab and Levi’s Vintage as global manager based in the HQ Brussels. Then further 2 years, he was creative director at LEE where the brand regained strong identity. His next task was to reposition the Japanese EDWIN brand where he was the president of Edwin Europe, before he set up his own label, DOUBLE-M.

In the consulting he is exposed to a variety of brands, all from entry price business to top high end design, also geographically wide
spreading covering both Western and Eastern European, USA, Russia and Japan.